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We specialize in staining brick, masonry and siding to improve the appearance of your building. We are proud of our innovative technology, NanoTint, which is designed to adapt to any type of brick surface, masonry and exterior coatings.

Here is a list of our most popular masonry staining services:

  • Masonry staining: We use NanoTint technology to stain all types of masonry, including brick, precast concrete, and exterior coatings. NanoTint staining is a formula based on nano pigments that bonds with the surface of the masonry permanently, thus creating a lasting stain that will withstand weather, UV rays, and mold.

  • 30 year warranty : We are proud to offer a 30 year warranty on most tinted surfaces. We are convinced of the quality of our technology and are proud ofto be able to guarantee the sustainability of our work.

  • Color correction of bricks, blocks and joints by emulsion dyeing process : At Relook Canada, we specialize in correcting brick, block and grout colors that may change over time due to factors such as fading, fading, UV rays, weathering and damage. by cleaning. We use high quality emulsion stain to correct color and give your facade the look you desire. We guarantee a durable result that will resist weathering and UV rays, and that will allow you to enjoy the new color of your facade for many years.

  • Turnkey package: We offer a turnkey package for an economical "makeover" of the facade of your residence. We take care of everything, from the diagnosis of the surfaces to the dyeing itself, to offer you an optimal result.


masonry stain

Give your business a new lease on life with our expertise in professional masonry staining!


Evidence of

lasting success

Even after more than

25 years, the results are still perfect. 

See the proof with your eyes >


30 year warranty

We are the only ones to offer a *30 year warranty against chipping, peeling or fading.

* On most surfaces


Innovative technology

Increased durability, resistance to UV rays and weathering are the main key features that NanoTint masonry stain provides.


Founded reputation 

on excellence 

We are the only ones to accumulate so many commercial, institutional and residential projects.


Thanks to RELOOK CANADA's NanoTint brick coloring process, it can add an up-to-date appeal to your home or business and will have a direct impact on its value.

Expert in this field for more than 30 years, RELOOK Canada has become the reference in terms of exterior enhancement for buildings.

RELOOK Canada prides itself on providing personalized and professional service to each client. The team of engineering experts works closely with homeowners to understand their needs and provide tailored solutions.

With RELOOK Canada, home and business owners can be assured of receiving the best exterior enhancement services for their masonry. We are the number one choice for those looking to improve the look of their building and breathe new life into their masonry.

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