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Services for professionals

RELOOK CANADA offers continuing professional education programs for masonry professionals, focusing on specialized cleaning and staining techniques for new or restoration masonry. Our team has trained more than 3,000 architects, the CEBQ, the Ecole des Hautes Technologies Supérieures and the Régie du bâtiment on all the technical aspects of cleaning and specialized staining of masonry. With our expertise, we are able to provide continuing professional education programs for masonry professionals.


Specialized masonry training eligible for OAQ credit at Relook Canada

We are proud to offer continuing education programs for masonry professionals, who are eligible for continuing education credits from the Ordre des architectes du Québec (OAQ). By participating in our training programs, you can accumulate continuing education credits, which will allow you to maintain and improve your professional skills as an architect.


Our training programs are designed to meet the highest industry standards and requirements, and we are committed to providing practical knowledge and cutting-edge techniques to help masonry professionals develop their expertise. If you are an architect looking to improve your masonry skills, we invite you to enroll in our continuing education programs and earn our OAQ continuing education credits.

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