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Breathe new life into your facade with NanoTint from Relook Canada!

NanoTint, our nano-pigment based stain, is designed to adapt to any type of brick, masonry and exterior siding surface. Increased durability, resistance to UV rays and weathering are the main key features that NanoTint masonry stain provides.

Rather than forming a coating on the brick, the water-based mineral products and nano pigments generate a chemical reaction that permanently bonds them to the masonry substrate, and the stain fuses with the masonry. The NanoTint nano pigment dye is biocompatible with bricks or stones and is absorbed by the mineral surface on which it is applied. Thanks to NanoTint, the water vapor will be able to escape naturally and the life of the building structure and the coating is not affected!

NanoTint tint nano pigments feature an exclusive formula including iron oxide, chromium, titanium, iron, natural inorganic zinc, and provide waterproof protection against UV rays, are resistant to freezing and prevent the formation of fungus and mold.

Work done with Relook Canada's specialized masonry stain NanoTint will keep its colors for a very long time, including a lifespan of 20 years or more, depending on the type of brick. Relook Canada NanoTint Specialty Masonry Stain can be applied to all types of masonry surfaces and mortar joints.

Give a new look to your facade with NanoTint from Relook Canada!


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Founded by Mario Bouchard, RELOOK TA BRIQUE has specialized in masonry cleaning and staining for over 37 years.

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