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Masonry cleaning

Preserve the architecture of your building with our full range of specialized cleaning services

Masonry cleaning services


RELOOK TA BRIQUE specializes in cleaning facades and offers a full range of services for buildings consisting mainly of masonry. We understand the importance of the choice of cleaning technique to guarantee respect for the material and the preservation of the architecture of the building. This is why we are experts in this field and offer a range of top quality services. The originality of the techniques used lies in the use of exclusive technology marketed under the names of Hydro Brick, Verso technology and N.A.S improved for the dry cleaning of masonry.

Here is a list of our most popular services:

  • Facade inspection

  • Exploratory study and expertise service

  • Brick cleaning on new construction

  • Specialized cleaning of precast concrete

  • Expertise on efflorescence deposits

  • Cleaning of efflorescence deposits

  • Cleanup of pollution on historic building

  • Specialized dry cleaning of brick, stone and masonry with NAS technology

  • Specialized cleaning and polishing of marble, granite and travertine

  • Masonry waterproofing

  • Waterless and dust-free cleaning: We use environmentally friendly techniques to ensure efficient cleaning without damaging the building. By using top quality products and adopting eco-friendly practices, we are able to ensure optimal results without causing further harm. Exploratory study and analysis of the support: We carry out an exploratory study on site to determine the most appropriate cleaning parameters. We analyze the nature of the fouling, the location of the work and the structure of the building to determine the best cleaning solution.

  • Study protocol and diagnosis: We set up a study protocol to determine the most appropriate cleaning parameters. We carry out a diagnosis to determine the nature of the fouling and the best solutions to solve it.

  • Immediate result and control: We guarantee an optimal result and carry out an immediate control to ensure the satisfaction of our customers. We pride ourselves on our expertise and commitment to quality, and we work hard to ensure that every customer is completely satisfied with our services.

We work on most materials (cut stone, brick, concrete, natural plaster, wood, etc.). We look forward to working with you to improve the appearance of your facade.

Masonry cleaning training

Our company prides itself on its expertise in facade cleaning and its commitment to continuous training. We offer specialized lectures on masonry cleaning for new and restoration buildings. Topics covered include products to be used on each building, geographical positions, types of masonry, chemical and ecological products, architectural materials that can be damaged during cleaning, the environment, color changes of masonry products following the cleaning, the methods of correction by cleaning and/or specialized staining, as well as the guarantee of 5 years to 100 years depending on the masonry of the building and its environment.

Our continuing education lectures have been given to more than 3,000 architects and engineers, including the Montreal School Board, the Ministry of the Environment, the Ministry of Culture and Heritage, the Center de conservation du Québec, the Régie du building of Quebec and the CEBQ Council of the envelope of the building of Quebec.

We believe in sharing our expertise and supporting continuing education for building professionals. We are proud of our commitment to quality and continuous development, and look forward to helping you improve your facade cleaning skills.

Our company is proud of its long list of references in restaurant cleaning and its major projects. Here are some of our most notable projects:

These references are a sample of the quality and diversity of the projects we have accomplished at RELOOK TA BRIQUE.

  • Concordia University Science Building

  • City of Civilization in Ottawa

  • Macdonald of McGill University

  • St. Joseph's Oratory of Montreal

  • McGill University Stratconna Building

  • Montreal Old Port Clock Tower

  • The Bay of Montreal and Toronto

  • Bonsecours Market in Montreal

  • Montreal General Hospital

  • Archambault Music Store

  • St-James Church of Montreal

  • Montreal Winston Hotel

  • Montreal City Hall

  • Ritz Carlton of Montreal

  • Parliament of Quebec

  • Building of the Ministry of Culture of Quebec

  • McGill University Neurology Institute Pavilion

  • School of Higher Technologies

  • Conservatory of Music at Laval University in Quebec

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