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Inspection of
building facade

Building facade inspection by vertical envelope experts

RELOOK TA BRIQUE's building facade inspection service process is designed to provide a complete and accurate assessment of your building's envelope. Here are the key steps we follow during this process:

  1. Thorough inspection of the exterior of the structure and the site:We perform a visual inspection of the building envelope to identify problem areas and areas that require special attention. We also review original construction documentation to understand key features of the building envelope.

  2. Determination of exploration requirements: Our vertical building envelope experts determine the exploration requirements that are necessary to perform a complete building envelope assessment. This may include a variety of evaluations and non-destructive testing.

  3. Full Building Envelope Assessment: We use a variety of tools and techniques to perform a comprehensive building envelope assessment. This may include thermographic evaluations, humidity testing, seal performance evaluations, weather resistance evaluations, etc.

  4. Detailed inspection report: Once we have completed the building envelope assessment, we will provide you with a detailed report that summarizes our findings and recommendations for necessary repairs and improvements.

  5. Follow-up and ongoing support:We provide ongoing support to help implement recommendations from our inspection report and to monitor the condition of the building envelope in the future.


By engaging the professional services of Robatex for the inspection of your building facade, you can be assured that you will receive a complete and accurate assessment of the condition of your vertical building envelope, along with clear recommendations for repairs and the necessary improvements.


Here is the complete list of services offered by Robatex in the field of inspection and restoration of the vertical envelope of buildings:

  • Exploratory studies

  • Study of the vertical envelope of buildings

  • Thermographic inspection

  • Detection and inspection of anchors

  • Writing restoration quotes

  • Test sealing

  • Caulking and Repairing Control Joints

  • Waterproofing Services

  • Masonry cleaning

  • Application of anti-graffiti products

  • Restoration of wooden or masonry cornices

  • Specialized cleaning and polishing of marble, granite and travertine


These services are designed to help building owners and managers maintain the structural integrity of their vertical envelope and improve the appearance of their building. Whether you need a thorough inspection of your building envelope, caulking or waterproofing repairs, or masonry cleaning and restoration, Robatex can provide professional services to meet your needs.


RELOOK CANADA's main mission is to provide building owners and managers with precise information on the general condition of the vertical envelope of their building, in order to optimize its safety, energy performance and value.


Equipped with a walkway, our technicians or engineers carry out a touchdown inspection in order to approve the validity of the anomalies discovered and at the same time, make one or more repairs deemed urgent.


Our ThermoScan services use mobile thermal cameras to perform an inspection and detect small or large temperature differences. These temperature variations, whether hot or cold, can reveal problems that are not detected during a traditional inspection, due to their inaccessibility. Relook Canada's ThermoScan thus makes it possible to detect hidden defects, water infiltration, mold, cracks in the foundations, energy losses and inadequate insulation. It also allows more accurate detection of defects in interior walls.


Relook Canada's GeoScan works like an x-ray scanner for concrete, allowing you to locate rebars, ducts or any other object inside the concrete. This instrument is also used to inspect masonry facings, to detect and locate masonry anchors as well as retaining anchors for the massive stones that envelop the building.


Relook Canada's HDScan performs a unique inspection of the surface of the vertical building envelope by combining the three essential elements of a camcorder: the lens, the image sensor and the processor. Relook Canada's HDScan encodes all the information received by the sensor and provides extraordinary clarity. The high fidelity of the image specific to high definition makes it possible to record up to four times more data than a conventional camera, and thus guarantees the best in terms of image acquisition.

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