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Our commitment to exceptional quality is the key to a long-term relationship of trust with our customers - At RELOOK CANADA, our 37-year know-how is at your service.

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At RELOOK CANADA, we pride ourselves on our commitment to the exceptional quality of our services. We believe that this commitment is the basis of a long-term relationship of trust with our customers.


With over 37 years of experience in specialized masonry cleaning and staining, we are known for our exceptional craftsmanship and commitment to our customers.

Our values are based on innovation, teamwork and passion for our profession. We are also aware of the importance of the quality of work, good organization and safety on construction sites. We have an experienced team, trained staff and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure our work is completed on time and on budget.


Leader in
our industry

We have an R.B.Q. and are in compliance with the safety standards in force. We also have $2 million in liability insurance. We have trained more than 3,000 architects, the CEBQ, the Ecole des Hautes Technologies Supérieures and the Régie du bâtiment on all the technical aspects of cleaning and specialized staining of masonry.

Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is reflected in our satisfaction guarantee. We are able to clean, correct and change colors on 90% of buildings mainly made of masonry. We use unique techniques such as Hydro Brick, Verso technology and enhanced N.A.S for dry cleaning masonry.

In short, at RELOOK CANADA, we are proud of our expertise and our commitment to the exceptional quality of our services. We are determined to meet the needs, expectations and requirements of our customers to build a long-term relationship of trust.

Discover our services 

We offer a full range of specialized services to meet your needs, including masonry cleaning and correction.

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