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masonry stain

Your house deserves to be the most beautiful in the neighborhood! Entrust us with the staining of your exterior.


Evidence of

lasting success

Even after more than

25 years, the results are still perfect. 

See the proof with your eyes >


30 year warranty

We are the only ones to offer a *30 year warranty against chipping, peeling or fading.

* On most surfaces


Innovative technology

Increased durability, resistance to UV rays and weathering are the main key features that NanoTint masonry stain provides.


Founded reputation 

on excellence 

We are the only ones to accumulate so many commercial, institutional and residential projects.

Increase market value of your property!

Thanks to our brick coloring process, Relook Canada can give your home a modern look and increase its market value. As the only company specializing in exterior home enhancement in Canada, we put all our skills at your service to offer you the following services:

  • Economic turnkey package for refreshing the facade of your home

  • Staining of precast concrete masonry and all other coatings

  • Specialized painting and/or staining of aluminum, steel, wood surfaces, such as anodized aluminum window frames, entrance doors and garage doors.


Trust Relook Canada to transform the appearance of your home and give it a modern look that will make all the difference!

Estimate the cost to change the color of your home online for FREE, with no obligation!

Simply provide your address and the main characteristics of the property for which you wish to change the colors. Our specialists will carry out a rigorous analysis of your request. This valuable service is free of charge and commits you to nothing.

Upload a photo of your home
Upload a photo of your home

For a result

durable and quality

To guarantee un quality work when staining, it is essential to understand the composition of each type of brick. There are several types of bricks on the market, and each type requires a specific staining method as well as products.s of different dye. To obtain a lasting and quality result, call on Relook Ta brique.  They know how to choose the appropriate staining products for each type of brick and apply the most appropriate staining techniques.

Our recent achievements 

We are proud of our innovative technology, NanoTint, which is designed to adapt to any type of brick surface, masonry and exterior coatings.

Here is a list of our most popular masonry staining services:

  • Masonry stain: We use NanoTint technology to stain all types of masonry, including brick, precast concrete and siding. NanoTint is a nano-pigment formula that permanently bonds with the masonry surface, creating a long-lasting stain that will resist weathering, UV rays and mildew.

  • 30 year warranty : We are proud to offer a 30 year warranty on most tinted surfaces. We are convinced of the quality of our technology and are proud ofto be able to guarantee the sustainability of our work.

  • Color correction of bricks, blocks and joints by emulsion dyeing process : At Relook Canada, we specialize in correcting brick, block and grout colors that may change over time due to factors such as fading, fading, UV rays, weathering and damage. by cleaning. We use high quality emulsion stain to correct color and give your facade the look you desire. We guarantee a durable result that will resist weathering and UV rays, and that will allow you to enjoy the new color of your facade for many years.

  • Turnkey package: We offer a turnkey package for an economical "makeover" of the facade of your residence. We take care of everything, from the diagnosis of the surfaces to the dyeing itself, to offer you an optimal result.


Thanks to RELOOK CANADA's NanoTint brick coloring process, it can add an up-to-date appeal to your home or business and will have a direct impact on its value.

NanoTint from Relook Canada is the ideal solution for staining masonry. The nano-pigment stain respects the physical properties of masonry and is designed to adapt to any type of surface. Using nanotechnology, the stain fuses with the masonry for added durability and resistance to UV rays and weathering. The exclusive formula including iron oxide, chromium, titanium, iron and natural inorganic zinc provides waterproof protection against UV rays and resists freezing. The colors will stay vibrant for years, up to 30+ years depending on the type of brick. The stain can be applied to all types of masonry surfaces and mortar joints.

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