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Relook innovates again

We are proud to have had the opportunity to present our latest innovation at the annual conference of the Association of Masonry Contractors of Quebec, which was held on February 15 and 16.

This revolutionary advancement allows for specialized masonry cleaning while significantly reducing the use of chemicals on 80% of projects, a practice still commonly used in conventional masonry cleaning.

Our method, called NAS  for Dry cleaning for masonry, effectively eliminates all traces of pollution, lime deposits, efflorescence and mortar residue after laying the bricks. Even more impressive, it can correct damage caused by previous cleanings using chemical detergents, which have discolored mortar joints as well as brick and concrete block surfaces.

Although chemical detergents provide good results on all masonry facings, the fact remains that their use remains very dangerous on masonry surfaces, for the user and of course for the environment. It is for these reasons that Mario Bouchard, who has specialized in masonry cleaning for 39 years, developed this nozzle, which works miracles on 80% of masonry walls.

Ideal for :

  • Remove the mortar without damaging the masonry depending on the surface of the bricks or concrete blocks.

  • Eliminate all traces of pollution, on limestone, Indiana stone, Tyndall stone, granite, terracotta, sand stone, combed clay brick or bark surface, brick and smooth concrete blocks, shot-blasted or chipped surface.

  • Remove and neutralize efflorescence and limescale deposits.

  • Remove paint and tar.

  • Correct several color deficiencies following poor chemical cleaning by avoiding the application of masonry stain, including mortar joints.

  • Can also be used below zero degrees.

  • And more.

To find out how this advanced cleaning method can transform your masonry projects, contact us for more information. Your heritage deserves the best care, with the least impact on the masonry and on our planet.


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Founded by Mario Bouchard, RELOOK TA BRIQUE has specialized in masonry cleaning and staining for over 37 years.

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